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Our Seattle Drain Clearing Team Sends Clogs Running

When a drain starts running slowly it's time to think Our Seattle drain clearing team handles clogs of all sizesabout getting it cleared out. The majority of drain clogs are usually caused by the build-up of grease or undissovled soap residue and hair. If every drain in your home is running slowly, you may have a larger problem like a clog in your main drain line. Our Seattle drain clearing team clears drain clogs like these almost every day.

An individual drain clearing can usually be done with a hand auger or drain snake. We don't suggest using caustic chemicals like Drano or Liquid Plumber because they are not good for the environment or the plumbing system (especially if it's made of PVC). Usually a crank style drain snake can reach clogs up to 25 feet down your drain line and will be sufficient to clear out hair and soap scum clogs. Sometimes a standard snake can't reach the clog (especially in a main line) or clear the drain sufficiently. In cases like these a power auger needs to be used.

Bad Main Line Clog - We've Got It Covered

In the case of a main drain line clog, the majorour professionals handle main line clogs contributing factor is usually a tree root that has broken through into the drain line. There are commercially available root killers that were developed for these removals but again, we don't recommend them. A mechanical removal by a power auger is the best option here. A standard snake just isn't powerful enough to break through tree roots. The power auger will bore through tree roots and chew them into bits that can be easily moved down the drain.

If you have a major drain clog call in our Seattle drain clearing specialists to get your drains running smooth again!