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Trust Is Our Seattle Water Heater Repair Service Calling Card

Our Seattle water heater repair service Our Seattle water heater repair team installs new water heaterscan help you get more life out of your current water heater, which is a great thing because water heaters aren't cheap to replace. Most people don't' think about their water heaters until something catastrophic happens like the bottom falls out or rust colored water starts running from the kitchen faucet. Fortunately, our team can handle those extreme situations as well. What we'd rather have happen though, is for people to call us in to do a yearly inspection of their water heater so we can prevent these situations from happening in the first place.

If you haven't had a water heater inspection in the last year, here are some of the things that could be happening inside your heater: we do comprehenisve water heater checks

  • Sacrificial Anode Failure
  • Sediment Build Up
  • Scaling
  • T&P Valve Failure
  • Thermostat Failure
  • Electric Element Failure
  • Gas Valve Cracking

Understanding Your Water Heater - Sacrificial Anodes

Any of these problems can lead to we do comprehensive water heater service inefficiency in your water heater, if not a total failure of the unit. Our Seattle water heater repair team can diagnose and repair all of these problems within minutes of arrival. A sacrificial anode failure often presents itself as a light orange tinge to the water coming out of the tap. The anode works to prevent the interior of the tank from rusting. When it fails the steel tank body begins to rust and that rust is delivered through your faucets.

Alt TextIf the anode is working correctly, it precipitates sediment that falls to the bottom of the tank. The interior doesn't rust but the sediment builds up at the base.  This build up can result in a bacterial bloom in your tank that leads the production of hydrogen sulfide in the tank and a rotten egg smell in your water. A tank flush or hydrogen peroxide treatment can usually take care of this situation.

Alt TextIf the sediment isn't cleared it can begin to we fix water heater valves cover all o f the interior structures in the tank. The sediment combines together when heated and forms a heavy scale. This scaling can reduce the water heating ability of an electrical element.

Alt TextValve failures can be some of the most deadly. A cracked and leaking gas valve can lead to the home being filled with natural gas or propane, a potentially deadly situation. Temperature and pressure valve failure can lead to a build-up of pressure in the tank that can result in the tank exploding.